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Welcome to the Westmead Centre for Clinical Pastoral Education

Director for the Centre for Clinical Pastoral Education at Westmead Hospital is Rev Morris Sing Key (Acting Level 3 CPE Supervisor). Morris’ colleague and Supervisory partner in Supervision is Rev Ki Ok Jung who is a very Experienced Korean Pastor in the Presbyterian Church. He is a welcomed and valued member of the Westmead Supervisory Team.


Email : (msingkey@gmail.com)      mob: 0432062271

Postal Address: c/o Chaplain’s Department, Westmead Hospital, PO Box 533 Wentworthville NSW 2145

Rev Morris Sing Key has been a Chaplain for 25 years in Sydney Hospitals and a CPE Supervisor for over 20 years. His research interests include models of Pastoral Care and Spiritual Assessment and Theological Reflection. He is an adjunct lecturer at Morling College in the Master of Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care Program .

Morris also is available for Professional Individual Supervision at his Office at the REN Building at Westmead Hospital.

Academic Accreditation:
As a Member Institute of the Sydney College of Divinity, the NSW College of Clinical Pastoral Education provides Master of Arts degrees specialising in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Supervision, and gives credit for Basic and Advanced Units of CPE.


(1) Introductory level (40 hours)
(2) Basic level (400 hours)
(3) Advanced level (400 hours)


This is the minimum requirement to join a hospital chaplaincy team: The introductory CPE course is suitable for lay people, theological students and clergy wanting an orientation into pastoral care in the hospital environment and also insight into the needs and vulnerability of hospital patients and their families. The principles of this course can be translated across into other Pastoral Care settings. This course may be available over one intensive 40 hour week or one day a week over 5 weeks.

Students will also be introduced to theological reflection, spiritual assessment and pastoral care models during this course. The course will help participants become more aware of their listening and responding skills, understand the power of empathy, have a better understanding of the needs of hospital patients and provide students with an opportunity to explore and examine a case study (verbatim) of a visit to a patient by a chaplain or a CPE trainee.

The 40hr INTRODUCTORY course acts as a pre-requisite for the BASIC 400hr course and is the minimal hospital requirement for any volunteer pastoral carers to visit in NSW Hospitals.

The tuition fee in 2020 for Introductory CPE courses will be $350.00 which includes the cost of the CPE certificate. A minimum number for the course to proceed is normally 8 participants.

The Next 40hr INTRODUCTORY CPE Programs will be:

Christian Group: Monday 20th to Friday 24th January  2020

Second Semester 2020

 Christian Group: Monday 6th  to Friday 10th July 2020

Christian Group: Monday 13th  to Friday 17th July 2020

Christian Group: Over 5 Thursdays

22nd & 29th Oct / 5th, 12th  & 19th Nov 2020



Please download the form, sign it and send to msingkey@gmail.com


NEW COURSE DETAILS FOR 400 Hour Basic CPE Program 2020:

There will be one course offered in Semester 1

400 hour CPE Unit Part-time Basic conducted on Wednesdays running from January – June 2020. The 3 day orientation for this course is from Tuesday 28th to Thursday 30th  January 2020. Then we will meet each Wednesday from 8.00 am to 4.00pm until 17th June 2020

Please note that the usual pre-requisite for this course is a 40hr Introductory CPE course or its equivalent.

There will be one course offered in Semester 2

The 3 day orientation for this course is 27th , 28th   & 29th  July 2020

Then we will meet each Wed from 8.00 am to 4.00pm until 9th December 2020


PLEASE NOTE, FEES FOR OUR 400-HOUR BASIC COURSES IN 2020 are $1545.00 + $50.00 (admin) + CPE Certificate ( $155.00) = Total 0f $1750.00

The Students enrolled in the MA (Chaplaincy) degree program. The unit of CPE will be $1585.00 (plus various NSW College & SCD admin fees). The Cost for an Advanced CPE Unit is TBC.

Please Complete Application Form for 400 hour CPE Basic Unit and send to designated address below


400 Hour Program at Westmead Hospital CPE Centre

Clinical Pastoral Education Centre Director: Rev Morris Sing Key

Title ……………………………..

Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr/Rev …………..

First Name …………….

Last Name …………………

Date of Birth ………………….

Address ……………..

Postcode ……………………….

Email address …………………

Phone Number / Mobile # ……………….

Religion …………….

Date of Program you wish to enrol in:

Semester 1:   January to June 2020

Semester 2 :  July to December  2020

Indicate which program you wish to enrol in:

Non Award


Master of Arts leading to specialisation in Chaplaincy

Additional Requirements to email to: msingkey@gmail.com

  1. Please include a copy of your resume detailing chronologically your educational background and work history.
  2. Provide an account of your life, including important events, people who have been significant to you and the impact these events and relationships have had on your emotional and spiritual development. Describe your learning style.
  3. Provide an account of an incident in which you were called to help someone, including the nature of the request, your assessment of the other’s need, what you did, and a summary evaluation. If you have had previous CPE, include this information in verbatim form.
  4. Provide evidence that you have completed an Introductory CPE Unit or its equivalent
  5. What are your goals? Include how this learning experience will be used to meet your goals for doing pastoral/spiritual care?
  6. Please provide referees from the following; Priest/Minister/Leader of your Faith group/Community, include their names(s) and phone number(s).
  7. Anything further you would like to add?

If you have previously completed a unit of CPE, please include a copy of your End of Unit Evaluation and your Supervisor’s Evaluation or Supervisory Statement.

Email these requirements to msingkey@gmail.com with the email subject: ‘400 Hour Programs Application’

If you have additional questions, you can contact me.

Email: msingkey@gmail.com
Mobile: 0432062271

Address: Rev Morris Sing Key

c/o Chaplain’s Department
PO Box 533 Wentworthville NSW 21