Gosford Hospital

Gosford Hospital


Welcome to the Gosford Hospital Centre for CPE. This Centre provides Courses in CPE that focus on the provision of pastoral care in an acute-care hospital. Both the CPE Introductory Unit (40 hours) and the Basic Unit (400 hours) are offered. In most cases the Introductory Unit is a requirement to continue to the Basic Unit of study. In the Basic Unit trainees gain experience in pastorally caring for patients in different wards or day therapy rooms at Gosford Hospital.


ACTING CENTRE DIRECTOR Ms Gwen Vale (Level II) has been supervising with the NSW College of CPE since 2008. Gwen has pastoral experience at both the parish level and at the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle. She has a degree in Theology from Charles Sturt University and a particular interest in ecumenical dialogue and its role in pastoral theology and practice.

GOSFORD HOSPITAL CO-ORDINATING CHAPLAIN Rev’d Frank Wortley (Acting Level I) has had extensive supervisory experience as a Chaplain in the Armed Forces. He is passionate about the need to have well-trained volunteers working in the hospital as pastoral carers and visitors and welcomes the opportunity for volunteers to train with the College.


Introductory Program at Wyong Hospital – 23rd August to 27th September, 2017;

Intensive Training for Pastoral Practitioners CPE – running at Wyong Hospital on Wednesdays from 14th February to July, 2018.




This 40 hour course prepares volunteers who want to pastorally care for patients as hospital visitors. It provides the minimum requirement for all authorised visiting within NSW Health Department Facilities.

Topics discussed include the ethos of pastoral care, listening skills, self-awareness, grief and loss issues, wellness, hospital protocols, role-plays of visiting and discovering our spirituality.



This 400 hour course allows trainees to engage in active listening at the bed-side with patients, to reflect on the conversation in either a group situation or privately with their supervisor, then to carry the learning from these encounters to the next conversation with a patient.