New CPE Centre in the Southern Highlands of NSW


The Southern Tablelands CPE Centre, provisionally registered by NSWCCPE, has opened in Goulburn with Supervisors Barbara Hall (Interim Centre Director) and Carmen Karauda.

Barbara has had an association of 16 years with the College as a CPE Supervisor and has been conducting Introductory Courses and Basic Units through the Canberra & Region Centre for Spiritual Care & Clinical Pastoral Education locally in Goulburn, Canberra, Cooma and Queanbeyan. Barbara is a Level 2 Clinical Pastoral Educator, currently one of the Deputy Presidents of NSWCCPE and previously Executive Secretary for six years. Barbara is an Associate Teacher with Sydney College of Divinity. With 25 years’ experience as a pastoral care practitioner in acute, palliative, rehabilitation and psychiatric hospital settings, Barbara has held the position of Coordinator, Chaplaincy & Pastoral Care in Goulburn Health Service for 17 of those years, stepping down from the role in December 2018.

Carmen is a Level 1 Clinical Pastoral Supervisor previously attached to the Mental Health CPE Centre as well as Course Facilitator and Assessor for Holy Family Services’ Registered Training Organisation, a privately run RTO in Marayong, which facilitates courses such as 10642NAT Diploma of Ageing and Pastoral or Spiritual Care. Carmen holds the position of Treasurer on the NSWCCPE Executive and brings her valuable former experience as an Accountant and Accounting Software trainer to the role.  Carmen’s interest in exploring ways of helping others discover and develop their talents and skills has lead her into the area of pastoral and spiritual care. Carmen’s studies and work to date have mainly been in the area of spirituality and exploring the meaning and purpose of life today and pastoral and spiritual care of the aged, sick and dying. Carmen has a well-developed understanding of spirituality and journeying with others as they explore their own spirituality and relate to others on their journey.  

Introductory Courses are now being offered in Goulburn and Cooma on the following dates:

Goulburn: February 6, 7, 12, 20, 21, 27 & 28. Time: 8.30am to 1.30pm

Cooma:     March      6, 7, 12, 20, 21, 27 & 28. Time: 8.30am to 1.30pm

Foundational (Basic) Units CPE 1 & CPE 2 are planned for Goulburn, the first for 2019 will be conducted fortnightly on Wednesdays from April 10 to December 4.

Inquiries are always welcome. To enrol in any of the above CPE programs please contact Barbara Hall by phone or email. 

Mobile: 0418 413 731                                   Email: